Detox & Rehab

What Is A Drug Detox

Drug detoxifications (often just known as detox’s) are usually uncomfortable and painful, with many unpleasant symptoms that can come to light depending on the drug abused. When detox isn’t done properly (or by medical professionals), the event of detoxing can be extremely dangerous – with the body of the withdrawal victim at risk of shutting down completely.

So, what is a drug detox? And how, when managed in the right way, can it save lives?

What is detoxification?

‘Detoxing’ is the name of the process where all narcotic substances (from heroin to alcohol) are removed from the body. This can be done in a variety of ways, but in any event it’s not reported to be a nice experience at all.

The symptoms a person goes through will vary on the drug(s) they have been abusing – and these are the withdrawal symptoms. When people become addicted to drugs physically, their body begins to think that they need the substance to be able to function correctly; and this is why the body reacts when drug consumption is being inhibited, or toxins removed. Depending on the severity of the addiction, and again the kind of the drug, the symptoms can last for a varied amount of time.

Not only do patients go through physical pain, but also mental pain, too. Nausea and headaches can be caused by most drugs, but there are more symptoms that can affect the ease of recovery.

The withdrawal symptoms

When not done properly, a drug detoxification can be fatal and this is widely because of the withdrawal symptoms involved. In rehabilitation centres, professional doctors go through the detox with the patient to make sure that everything is going smoothly. Without help, people can die from their withdrawal symptoms, if these are strong enough.

With the help of the doctors and addiction specialists, addicts are helped to be cleared of their addiction to drugs physically in the safest and easiest way possible.

Most rehab centres offer detoxification to help their patients of their physical dependence, but how can they be helped mentally?

How can a drug addict recover mentally?

Although drug detox is able to clear an addicts’ body of narcotics, it doesn’t help the user to overcome their addiction to the substance mentally.

This is why rehab centres are great. Usually, rehabilitation facilities offer detox first and then they offer their patients therapy to help them to recover mentally.