Liver Disease & You

When you have chronic hep C, figuring out when liver damage will happen can become a guessing game. That’s because your body is not the same as anyone else’s. It’s unique. Liver disease can progress slowly in some and quickly in others, depending on factors that may be out of your control.
Click the tabs below to read hypothetical stories that illustrate how unpredictable liver disease can be with chronic hep C.
Margareta, Age 56
Margaret was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C 5 years ago. At first, anger was her overriding emotion and she kept asking herself, How did I get this? She learned to eat better, exercise, and quit drinking alcohol completely—although she never really drank much—which is why she couldn’t believe it when her doctor informed her that her lab results were “off” and that she should get a liver biopsy. Margaret was completely shocked to find out she was at Stage 3 of liver disease—in only a few years. Now, she is learning that her age may have had something to do with it.