Treatment Specialist

Chronic hep C can be a very challenging disease, but there are doctors who specialize in the liver and hepatitis C.
Some specialists are:
  • Gastroenterologists (GAS-tro-EN-tur-OLO-jysts)
  • Hepatologists (HEH-puh-TOLO-jysts)
  • Infectious disease physicians
These specialists will review any test results you might already have, so make sure to bring your test results with you. A specialist may even ask you to take additional tests to form a clearer picture of your condition.
A first step in managing your
chronic hep C is to find a specialist
to discuss your options and liver treatment.
Along the way, your health care team may do more tests to see how the disease is affecting your body.
Already talked to your doctor about your chronic hep C? Make sure to check back in regularly, so he or she can carefully monitor your condition and keep you on the right disease management path.
Start now. Find a specialist and get expert help.