Substance Abuse Treatment Studies

The Harmful Effects Of Substance Abuse

Heroin is known for being one of the worst drugs that are commonly abused. It’s highly addictive, has many harmful risks and it’s also quite expensive (which makes many addicts run out of the money they need for rent or food). What are the harmful effects of substance abuse? Find out at a rehab center near you :

Well, there are many issues that come with heroin abuse, both mental and physical.

What are the effects?

There are many different health issues that can happen to people who abuse heroin and some of the physical dangers are:

  • a weakened immune system
  • respiratory (breathing) illnesses
  • weaker muscles, partial paralysis
  • tuberculosis
  • arthritis
  • liver disease

These are not all of them, though. There are also many mental health issues that can occur as a result of taking heroin, too. Some of these effects are:

  • a loss of memory
  • a loss of intellectual performance
  • introversion
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • addiction

These issues can alter people’s lives – and not for the better, either. In some cases, some of these effects can even be fatal, too.

Why do so many people abuse heroin?

Now that you have seen just some of the harmful effects that heroin can cause, you may wonder why people take it.

The thing is, it’s highly addictive – and this makes it hard for people to stop abusing it. Peer pressure can cause people to take it once, which eventually leads to a daily habit – and one-time use at parties is also able to get people hooked on it, too.

Drug dealers sometimes sneak into clubs and sell heroin inside, and when people are having fun they may not even know what they are taking. Heroin addiction is serious and it isn’t easy to stop taking it alone. In fact, going cold turkey can sometimes lead to death!

Can substance abuse treatment centers help?

The people who work at rehab centres are experts in addiction, so they know what to do and how to help. When people stop taking heroin, they experience withdrawal symptoms and these can be fatal. With the medical professionals making sure that their patients are safe, users won’t need to worry, even if withdrawal is both painful and uncomfortable.

Rehab facilities help their patients to overcome their addictions physically in the safest possible way. Not only that, but rehab can help addicts to recover mentally, too. Heroin affects the brain as well as the body – and mental addiction can be even worse than physical addiction.